All Different All Equal Art Challenge


Exhibition All Different All Equal 


The origins of the World Day for Diversity, Dialogue and Development

 21 May is the World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development.

The date is intended to promote understanding of the richness and importance of cultural diversity, as well as to encourage respecting others.

In a world made up of 7 continents, 193 countries (according to the UN) and around 7.113 billion people, we are all different and unique.

The world is made up of diversity, and it is this diversity that enriches us. Don’t you agree?

Dealing with difference means first of all looking at people for who they are, not locking them into a more or less stereotyped image.

It is crucial to respect and value all differences, regardless of sex, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, territory of origin, culture, language, ancestry, age, political, sexual, ideological or social orientation, marital status, family situation, economic situation, health status, disability, personal style, and education.


All Different All Equal Art Challenge

IPT recognises the importance of promoting a culture of inclusion, of respect and understanding of the many differences.

That's why we want to celebrate this day with art, thus contributing to the promotion of diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination.

If you're a student at the Polytechnic of Tomar and you're also interested in this subject, we have a challenge for you!

By 16 May, send us a paper on Diversity by email ( or in print (at the WPOC secretariat), illustrating, for example, diversity at the Polytechnic of Tomar.

We will be accepting works in the fields of photography, graphic design, documentary format (up to 3 minutes in length) or interview format (up to 4 minutes in length).

On 20 May, all the works will be exhibited at the WPOC, a space created for all students, which we want to be a place of inclusion, sharing, debate, exchange of experiences and knowledge, of diversity!

We will then hold a vote to choose the best work, which will be awarded a prize.

 We're counting on you!