Accessibility and Inclusion in IPT


The Polytechnic of Tomar believes that accessibility is a matter of human rights and for this reason it aims to be a space that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their differences and functional diversity. With this in mind, on 15 March the IPT Diversity and Inclusion Group put itself in the shoes of people with reduced mobility and invited the community to take part in an awareness-raising event, with the aim of understanding what obstacles and difficulties they experience when moving around the IPT campus and what improvements could be implemented.


This initiative was supported by Ambassador Luis Rodrigues of the Salvador Association and Tomar City Council.


The awareness-raising activity "+ Access for all - for more inclusive communities - IPT Campus" ended with "Short Talks". The IPT Diversity and Inclusion Group promoted a moment of reflection on inclusion from the perspective of diversity and developing the potential of all individuals.


Many thanks to Associação Salvador and the Tomar City Council, our partners in this awareness-raising campaign, to Lar Raízes do Nabão and to everyone who took part.



  1. Part 1 - Project "+ Acess for all - for more inclusive communities" -Awareness-raising "Put yourself in our shoes"

Part 2 - "Diversity and Inclusion at IPT" project | "Short Talks" awareness-raising action