+Access for All - For more inclusive communities


On 30 January 2023, the Polytechnic of Tomar, represented by members of the Diversity and Inclusion Group, will take part in the awareness-raising event "+Access for All - Towards more inclusive communities" - Tomar, in partnership with the SALVADOR Association and the Tomar City Council.


The challenge consists of a peddypaper on accessibility, called "Put Yourself in Our Place", during a tour of the city led by the ambassadors of the Salvador Association, analysing accessibility.

The idea is to talk about it and exchange ideas. If they are not available, this action will also take place in a meeting format.


The project " +Acesso para Todos - Por Comunidades Mais Inclusivas" (POISE-03-4639-FSE- 001050/52/54) is supported by Portugal Inovação Social through European Union (EU) funds, namely POISE - Operational Programme for Social Inclusion and Employment within the framework of Portugal 2020, financed by the EU through the ESF - European Social Fund.