Plan Structure


As part of the implementation of measures to promote diversity and inclusion at the Polytechnic of Tomar, the Group for Diversity and Inclusion has drawn up a Gender Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Plan that will be implemented during the 2022-24 triennium based on six priority areas:

  1. Governance;
  2. Internal and external communication;
  3. Gender, teaching and research;
  4. Harassment, sexist attitudes and discrimination;
  5. Diversity and inclusion;
  6. Work life and personal/family life balance.

IPT's equality plan was built with reference to the GEAR tool (Gender Equality in Academia and Research), the SAGE Wheel Toolkit and the steps established therein for the development of equality plans in higher education institutions. Firstly, a bibliographic review of national, European and international legislation and policies on gender equality and non-discrimination was carried out, more precisely those specific to the areas of research and/or higher education. Then, in order to know the reality lived in IPT regarding equal opportunities for different genders, an internal survey was carried out which allowed us to understand which measures should be implemented according to the typology and context of IPT and aligned with national, European and international legislation and policies.


You can access the Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan of the Polytechnic of Tomar (IPT) here.